Custom Hand Lettering

I've always loved hand lettering, and I spent hours painting quotes on my walls as a kid. (Thank you, Mom and Dad, for understanding.)  Over the years, I've developed a few of my own fonts, and I've occasionally been asked to do projects for friends' weddings or parties. I even started a little Etsy store a few years back, and lettered some small, custom pieces that helped us make ends meet while my husband was in grad school.

It wasn't until this last year, though, that I realized how deep my love for creative, hand-lettered typography really runs. I received some Tombow Brush Pens as a birthday gift, and started spending more of my free time practicing brush pen calligraphy. I'm enchanted by the art form--it's so fun to make something that's both meaningful and beautiful!

This last weekend, I spent a few hours with my sister-in-law sitting at our dining room table, each of us working on our art projects and chatting about our dreams. I walked away from that time with the writing sample below, and a renewed excitement about re-opening my Etsy store

The thing I love about having an Etsy store based entirely on lettering is this: people only hire someone to make art out of words that are deeply meaningful. I've written wedding vows, love notes, scripture, and even an apology letter! It's all beautiful. I'd love to turn your meaningful words into art, too. Come visit me at Whimsy Lettering if you'd like to see more!

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